Representing corporate clients in the City.

St Pauls Marketing Limited ('St Pauls' or the 'Company') is an Appointed Representative of FCA regulated Alexander David Securities Limited, and the company represents and promotes its corporate clients in the UK on a consultancy basis, helping them to raise awareness of them and their products, and helping them to raise funds for their businesses.

Companies are restricted under the Financial Services and Markets Act from promoting their own fund raising efforts i.e. selling new shares when they want to grow their businesses by raising new capital.

In order to be promoted to a wide audience, they need to engage with a regulated business to do that with and for them.

At St Pauls we work closely with our corporate clients (clients) to understand why what they offer is special. We then help them create and write suitable material to be used to promote them and then communicate and distribute their Authorised Fundraising material through the IFA, Institutional wealth management and direct Retail markets.

By working closely with our clients, we ensure that together the factors that make our clients unique are well communicated enabling potential investors to have a thorough understanding of what investing in our clients would bring them.

After a company has raised funds it needs to manage its image and profile in the aftermarket when investors will expect to know what is going on at the company.

St Pauls can help.